These days, home appliances have become an indispensable part of every household. It is as important as your furniture and has been credited with successfully reducing the time spent in completing home chores. When it comes to buying appliances, we buy the ones that fit in our budget, have the features which we require, the brand or company, and its looks. This is usually done for brands which offer budget-friendly appliances with good performance. But, what about the luxury appliances, what do they offer?

Luxury brands usually have a better recognition in the market. They offer the best performance. While they might not be affordable, they have better features. They not only offer the finest products but also give customizing options. These companies offer to install your appliances in the kitchen as per your requirements.

Here is a list of the top six luxury brands.

Viking was the first company in the US to bring out the professional range of appliances. The Viking’s marketing is one of the most commendable ones in the world of the appliances. It has very innovative ranges like the Tuscany range which was an alternative to the La Cornue range. Viking also retains its professional stainless steel food preparation collection. You can get your appliance from the Viking appliance store near you.

La Cornue
La Cornue offers custom-made ranges and is a French custom line, which introduced the chateau in the year 1964. Along with this, they have large island ranges, cooktops, and cabinets. It also allows people to select from tons of color options for customization. The Chateau range is a luxury kitchen appliance which is fully customizable.

Thermador is a famous appliance brand that has been manufacturing appliances for over 75 years. They are known for creating the first downdraft and wall oven. In late 1990s Bosch acquired Thermador to add innovation and consistency to the brand. It has a strong cooking line like the pro ranges, induction, and wall ovens. Some of their new products are the 60-inch pro-range with a steam oven and warming drawer with a full surface induction cooktop. You can buy your own Thermador kitchenware from the nearest Thermador appliance store.

Gaggenau was founded in 1681 in Germany. It is also owned by Bosch. Gaggenau has been the best when it comes to style and technology. It has manufactured some of the finest products. When Bosch purchased this company, it redesigned and restyled it. The company was manufacturing convection ovens long before any other company. They also produce full-surface induction cooktops. It has a very distinctive and industrial style which is designed by Bang & Olufsen. Buy your luxury kitchen appliances from the Gaggenau appliance store near you or from their official website.

Miele has a really strong commitment to quality and they have been in the appliance industry for over 100 years. Wall ovens, dishwashers, coffee systems, and laundry by Miele have been the most reliable appliances. After introducing the pro–range, the brand has topped others in the appliance industry. Miele had made cooking easy by launching the M touch series oven. The 48-inch pro-range by Miele has a microwave and warming drawer.

Sub-zero/ Wolf
Sub-zero has been a family-owned company for over 60 years. With the double convection, cooking technology was revolutionized when Sub-zero bought Wolf. Sub-zero stands strong with the other appliance brands in the market. Its products still perform better than every other product in the market. It is famous for its refrigerator and cooking line.

These are the top six luxury brands that offer appliances with the best style and technology. The best part of these brands is that you can customize your own appliance according to the design of your kitchen.