Hydration is the key to healthy and younger looking skin. Dehydrated, dry skin is amongst the first signs of aging. However, dehydrated skin can be accompanied by oil secretion on the skin’s surface, making it feel tight and dry everywhere on your face. In most of the cases the skincare products used for treating dryness might have to be blamed for its cause. Here are some very effective tips to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.

• Cleanse your face: Washing your face in cold water is more important. Make sure you use a mild face wash to wash your face twice a day. Keeping your skin clean and healthy is the first stage of treating your skin. Do not wash too many times as the natural oil present on the surface of the skin which is essential in softening the skin will be washed off leaving your skin dry.

• Use only natural, gentle soap: You should make it a rule to check the labels on your cleanser and soaps. Avoid the harsh, chemical laden soaps which tend to and ultimately will strip the natural oils from your skin. Go only for those soaps which contain moisturizing agents and natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera.

• Face serum: Add serum to your routine by giving your skin what it truly needs. Your skin will feel refreshed in a jiffy. Look for something with hyaluronic acid as it helps bind up your skin thousand times its weight in water, essentially plumping your skin.

• Facial oil: Add facial oil to your regimen. Since your skin is parched, it will absorb all the oil willingly. Try applying facial oil to your skin before going to bed so that it hangs on to the moisture till you wake up.

• Drink plenty of water: Lack of moisture on your skin will leave it dry, tight and flaky. Drinking a lot of water will reduce the concentration of oil on your skin. It is essential to have a stable balance of water and oil on the surface of your skin. It reduces the early signs of aging and keeps your skin glowing.

• Water rich fruits: Try to incorporate more water rich foods like cucumbers, carrots, grapes, watermelons, cantaloupes to your diet because it is rich in water well as antioxidants. It helps you stay hydrated throughout the day and lends a hand in softening the skin by adding moisture.