It is not very uncommon to find missed call alerts from unknown numbers on your mobile phone. While most people do not bother to find out who called, there are several others who try to look up these numbers just to be sure that they haven’t missed an important call.

Other times you may want to get in touch with someone or a business, but don’t have the phone number. You will have to look up the person’s number online as there are several online directories with which you may find the contact details of the person or business you want.

While looking for a person’s cell phone number online by using the name and location is loosely termed as cell phone lookup; looking up for cell phone listings based on just the cell phone number is termed as reverse cell phone lookup.

These lookup services are especially helpful if you are getting several unnecessary calls that may be harassing in nature. If you are getting these calls on your cell phone, then it becomes very easy as compared to situations when you get these calls on a landline. Not all landlines have a caller ID and in such a case you will have to get a caller ID installed. Hence, the best option is to get a cell phone number as these already have inbuilt caller IDs and a new number would mean that person making the unwanted calls will not get access to it.

There are both free and paid cell phone lookup services. There are several perks of performing a free cell phone lookup online.

The paid cell phone lookup services may not be deemed reliable as they provide the listing only once you fill-in your financial and personal details. Sharing such sensitive information on the wrong website can be risky and leave you vulnerable to phishing.

These free cell phone lookups especially help get people connect to loved ones with whom they might have lost touch. There are several lookup services available online and it is up to you when it comes to narrowing down.