Apple introduced its smartwatch in the year 2015. It came in two sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm, for $349 and $399 respectively. The price for its high-end watch (watch edition) is $17,000. Apple Watches have made headlines for their expensive price tags and being the first watch edition by Apple Inc. If money is no bar for you and you are going to buy an Apple Watch, then here are some more reasons for you to buy it.

The display of Apple Watch beats its competition. There are many companies that manufacture smartwatches, but Apple Watch has a retina display and that makes it one of the top reasons for you to buy an Apple Watch. The retina display amplifies your viewing experience and the sapphire glass display makes it durable and scratch resistant.

The options that are available are aluminum, stainless steel, and gold. Gold will add up to your cost, but if that is not an issue, you can opt for gold metal which will make your watch look more fancy and attractive.

You get an iPhone connectivity with the Apple Watch. You might get iPhone connectivity with other smartwatches you are using, but since iPhone and Apple Watch are from the same company, the connectivity is going to be one hundred percent without any restrictions.

You get full apps for Apple Watches. The applications you access from your Apple Watch are not restricted, and you can use an app completely. For example, if you are using Instagram on your Apple Watch, you can access all the features of Instagram. You can even book a cab by using apps like Uber on your Apple Watch.

You can customize your Apple Watch as much as you want. You can use your own metal and belts in different colors for your watch. There is no need to stick to a certain belt with a certain metal that you choose. You can mix and match where ever possible to make get the look you want.