The lovely holidays have ended, and it is time to return to school. Mixed emotions with high levels of excitement and the sad feeling of having to let go of those super fun summer holidays the range is endless. It is indubitably true that the first few days at school set the stage for the year that is to come. A great way to ease kids out of vacation mode into the class is through various fun back-to-school activities. What better than to add some back-to-school picture books to the lineup. Reading aloud from picture books is a great way to facilitate discussion among kids and encourage them to feel comfortable while sharing their experiences. Moreover, it is a great way to establish the values within the class and create a strong identity.

Here are some back-to-school picture books that will make for a memorable start to the year.

The Name Jar – The Name Jar, written by Yangsook Choi is a beautifully written book that follows the life of a young Korean girl. The little girl goes to an American school and is confused on her first day as she cannot decide on whether she must or must not choose a new name that is easier to pronounce. With lovely and marvelous illustrations, it is sure to get students hooked on as a great back-to-school book. The valuable story revolves around the idea of fitting in while being true to one’s identity.

You’re Finally Here – A book by Melanie Watt, You’re Finally Here is the perfect back-to-school book. It is a great book for teachers to show their students how much they anticipated their arrival at school and the how excited they are. It traces the activities of the bunny through several different emotions and will help students realize the beautiful moment of returning to school.

If You Take a Mouse to School – A silly and fun story, If You Take a Mouse to School is bound to be loved by kids. Written by Laura Numeroff, it is a fabulous way to pave through a systematic teaching sequence. The quirky mouse undertakes several activities at school. From wanting to have the lunch box to needing a note and pencil, the possibilities make for an amusing read.

The list of the above back-to-school books is a great way to soothe the worries of kids as they begin school. Happy reading!