Ranging from Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree, students have plenty of course options when it comes to online nursing schools. In most cases, these courses require students to complete about 120 credit hours, but it also depends on the course and the degree that you pick. Here are the top options for online nursing schools that you can consider.

  • The University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Nursing
    Operating with fall, spring, and summer dates, the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (RN to BSN) course is entirely online and offers you all the flexibility that you need. It also has a 94% graduation rate, and the tuition as well as admission, are guaranteed. The courses that make up this program include Health Assessment and Communication, Introduction to Nursing Informatics, Caring in Professional Nursing, etc.
  • Indiana University, School of Nursing
    Convert your Registered Nurse degree to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree with the School of Nursing at Indiana University. It is one of the best online nursing schools in the country. It requires about 120 total credits, which will cost you around $224.23 for in-state tuition per credit. The out of state fee per credit amounts to $321.34 approximately.
  • Rutgers Online, Rutgers University, School of Nursing
    Another outstanding option among online nursing schools, you can undertake the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree program at this university. You need to be a registered nurse to qualify for this program. It is a great part-time choice to consider as you can continue working while expanding your knowledge and skills with this course.
  • The University of Iowa, College of Nursing
    The RN to BSN course offered at the University of Iowa in the College of Nursing is one of the most popular programs at this university. You can undertake this course at your convenience. The total tuition fee for this course amounts to $13,728 approximately, and it provides you with some great opportunities to expand your career.
  • Arizona State University, ASU Online
    This particular program takes 38 credit hours per course, and you have to take about ten classes in total. It would take you about seven and a half weeks per class, but it broadens your horizon for different career options. Some of the careers choices that open up for you are Certified Nurse Assistant, Critical Care Nurse, Intensive Care Nurse, Medical and Health Services Manager, and many more.