Macbook Pro is a laptop from Apple which is available worldwide as also in the country. It can be purchased either online or through any of the retail stores in the country which sell Apple products. Below listed are some of the versions of Macbook Pro which you should know before you purchase the same.

  • Macbook Pro MJLQ2HN /A
    This Macbook Pro from Apple is available in silver color and is 18 millimeters in height. The width of this laptop is 24.7 centimeters and it is comparatively heavyweight considering the fact that it weighs 2.04 Kg in weight. Apple Macbook Pro MJLQ2HN /A runs on a Lithium Ion battery and has an Intel-based processor which is Core i7 in nature and can be considered a fairly new innovation. The processor speed in Macbook Pro is 2.20 GHz and it comes with a RAM size of 16GB. The hard drive in Macbook Pro is 256GB and it comes with a solid state drive when it comes to hard disk technology. The laptop operates on a Mac hardware platform and has Mac OS. The average battery life in Macbook Pro is 9 hours on an average and the laptop can be suitably used for making office presentations which are important in nature since it has a considerable battery life. Macbook Pro is available for around $2242 on leading online web portals which deal with laptops and computers. Ideally, a one year warranty is available on the same and any manufacturing defect within this period is catered by the professional staff from Apple, irrespective of your location in the country.
  • Macbook Pro MNQF2HN/A
    This Macbook Pro from Apple is 15 millimeters in height and 21.2 cm in width. The 13-inch screen size Macbook Pro has a 13-inch screen size and weighs 1.37 Kg. It is very easy to be carried around, especially when you have to make a large number of presentations at multiple locations within a day for your business promotion. It works on a Lithium Polymer battery and operates on an Intel Core i5 processor. The processor speed in Macbook Pro is 2.9GHz and it has a RAM 16GB. The computer memory type is DDR3 SDRAM with the hard drive size being 512GB. The graphics processor in this Macbook Pro is Intel Iris 550 while the operating system is Mac OS. The lithium battery in Macbook Pro weighs 21 gram and the entire package of this Macbook Pro is composed of laptop, battery, AC Adapter, and the user guide of this Macbook Pro.
  • Apple MGXC2HN/A Laptop
    This Macbook Pro is available for a price of around $1543 and is available in silver color. The Macbook Pro is 15 millimeters in height and has a width of 30.4 centimeters. The laptop has 13.3-inch screen size and displays a resolution of 2560×1600. This Macbook is fairly heavy with the weight being 3.02 Kg. This Macbook Pro runs on lithium polymer battery and operates on Intel Core I5. The processor speed in this Macbook Air is 2.3 GHz and has a RAM of 8GB. The hard drive in Apple MGXC2HN/A Laptop is 128GB which ensures that you can store a large amount of data in a fairly easy manner in this Macbook Pro. The stereo speakers are of high dynamics in a range which makes it a fairly good Macbook for storing and playing music. Connectivity options in this Macbook include WiFi and Bluetooth and has 1 audio out port and 3 microphone ports. The average battery life in Apple MGXC2HN/A is 10 hours which can be considered good by any count and the Macbook Pro can be used for making official presentations and watching movies with equal ease.

Check out the range of Macbook Pro options from the models listed above and you will never regret making your choice. You can opt for buying these Macbook from online portals like Walmart also which deliver these in your home location within the country.