A go-to guide for buying home audio systems

When you buy a flat screen TV, you will be sold to the amazing picture quality and the extravagantly wide screen. There are only a few cases where you will get amazing sound quality from the TV speakers, this is one of the reasons home audio systems are sold along with the television. Upgrading the sound of your TV is not a difficult task at all; all you need to do is connect it to a pair of external speakers. But first, you need to know which speakers to buy and this article will help you in deciding which home audio system you should adopt according to your needs. There are many different types of home audio systems and here is what you should do to get your hands on the right speakers for you:

  • Start with a sound bar
    If you do not know much about speakers and are looking to get ones, but do not have a massive budget, then a sound bar is the perfect place for you to start. You can get different types of sound bars starting from a low budget and going all the way up. But, you can be satisfied with the low budget sound bars as well, as they will only enhance your music quality. The sound bar is the most convenient way to enhance the sound quality of your TV. It is also easy to set up, as it requires connecting only a single cable. There are three broad types to a sound bar: single sound bar, sound bar with wireless sub woofer, and a pedestal sound bar or sound base.
  • A surround-sound system
    The best way for you to upgrade your sound from the TV is to set up your very own surround-system system. This is the best option for you if you do not want to stick to a sound bar, the surround-sound system gives you more of a theatre-like feel. Place the speakers all over the room, make sure you place the speakers that are plugged into the left speaker jack, on the left side for a better feel of the music. To set up your own surround-sound system you will need an AV receiver and a set of speakers that you can set up around the room. Even if AV receivers are complex devices, choosing one should not be much of an issue for you. The best option right now is the $500 Sony STR-DN1070. It has six HDMI outputs enabling you to connect more than one device. You might be tempted to purchase the $2000 receiver with fancy internal components, but they are not usually worth the money.
  • Spend your budget on speakers
    When you are setting up a home audio system, it has many more facets than just the speakers, but the speakers are the most important ones. They are the ones that are responsible for your sound quality and the volume of the output. The woofer is equally important as the speakers, but the speakers take the edge. You might go for small speakers to maintain the aesthetics of your room, but they might not have the best sound quality. You should opt for tower speakers, they might be huge and not very beautiful but the sound quality is what makes up for their looks. If you get bluetooth connectivity for a good price, go for it, but your basic spend should be on speakers above anything else.
  • Choose stereo without a second thought
    You might not be encouraged to adopt a home audio system as it has only a single pair of speakers, but the quality more than makes up for the quantity of the speakers. The stand system has fallen out of fashion, but it can be very pleasing and sufficing for movies and music. They do not take up a lot of space, stick with your aesthetics and always give you good quality sound.