Traveling to a new city or country is so exciting, but packing for the same just creates tension. To add to the fun, you should have adequate luggage that is light in weight and is quite spacious too. It is easier and convenient to carry a light luggage which has all your important things in place. Before you buy a product from the travel brand, make sure you keep a note of the size, pattern, color, and weight of the travel bag or accessory. There are different luggage brands that provide you with a wide range of travel accessories. Lightweight luggage and travel accessories will help you travel conveniently. Traveling will much fun if you have the right travel accessory with you.

There are a lot of good looking luggage brands that make travel convenient. Here are some of the best travel accessory brand options that you can choose from.

Briggs and Riley Travelware
This company is very new in the sector of luggage and travel gears but its a tough competition to the competitors. The travel accessories like luggage bags and gears by Briggs and Riley Travelware is preferred for their design and style. They provide a lifetime warranty and come with no long terms and conditions, making it an easy buy for many travel lovers. Expandable suitcases are in demand and this high-end expandable feature that the company provides makes it an attractive travel accessory for many travelers.

American Tourister
This is one of the widely used brands in the luggage and travel accessory sector. The company has captured a big chunk of the market by providing mid and low price range luggage. They are in demand for the durability they provide with their various hard side and soft side luggage and travel accessories. They offer a wide range of travel accessories in attractive designs, patterns, and colors. The company has bags designed especially for kids by having Marvel and Disney characters on them.

Samsonite is the oldest name in the luggage and travel accessory sector and there was a period where every household would have at least one Samsonite product. The company is known for the quality of material they use to make the luggage and have a variety of luggage and travel gears ranging from big suitcases to sling bags. Samsonite is also known for its durability and strength, something that is most preferred by many travel lovers. Another aspect of the company is that it keeps its luggage priced in a way that it captures the premium segment of the general population.

Eagle Creek
Luggage and travel accessories need to be durable and suitable for any weather condition. Eagle Creek provides you with travel accessories that will suit your requirements. The functionality and durability that the travel products provide make it a good choice for many travel lovers. The material is water resistant and the wheels are heavy-duty giving the luggage a long lifeline. They provide a lifetime guarantee and are usually preferred for long-duration travel as the travel accessories are available in various sizes as per your requirements. The travel accessories from this brand are fairly priced.

Whether it is a long travel plan or a weekend getaway, the travel accessories that you use must be appropriate. It is always easy to carry lightweight travel accessories while you are on a trip. Traveling is fun as long as you keep your luggage light and concise.