Ugg boots are a winter essential as the shearling lining gives you all the coziness you need for winter. While they are cozy, they are really expensive too, and getting a discount on top brands or in-fashion uggs is almost impossible. Here are a few ways in which you can get the best pair of uggs for a cheap price and without burning a hole in your pockets.

Offseason sale
Buying during the offseason is the best time to buy Uggs: the summer or any time after or before winter. This is because Ugg has off-season sales wherein the discount range for Ugg boots is usually between 20% and 50%. They also have other attractive coupling offers, etc. that will make your expense worth it with the deal. When you pick something from last year’s Ugg boots selection or from before that season, then the deals get even sweeter and you can have your own ugg boots at a cheap cost for all the comfort you need.

Buying from the kids’ section
The feet range for children is very similar to those for women. Women with a relatively smaller shoe size can always shop in the kids’ section. The cost of kids’ Ugg boots is almost close to 20% lesser than that of the adult Ugg boots range. The price of women’s sizes 5-8 is equivalent to the that of kid’s feet size range of 3-6. You can easily find a good pair of Ugg boots and most often there are a lot of discounts or sale posters on kids’ Ugg boot ranges.

When you do buy a good pair of ugg boots, it’s all about care. Make sure to treat them well and they will last for quite some time. If you buy ugg boots that are not water resistant, then the easiest way to maintain them is by spraying a coat of waterproofing spray and keep them stored securely during the off-season so that when you pull them out again for the winter, they shouldn’t be spoilt. Keep in mind the environmental factors when you buy your boot because some fabrics can react worse t climate change when compared to the classic ugg boots.