Duluth Trading is a famous name in work-wear clothing category in the country. Each clothing made by Duluth Trading is actually field tested by real-time workers or different streams such as construction workers, dock hands, cycle riders, old hippies, and even other hard-as-nails characters. The real reason for Duluth Trading’s success can be attributed to the fact that the company caters to all sizes, including the big sizes that are left out by many popular brands. This is indeed a true American brand with actual sensitivity towards American Sizing.

One of the most common pieces of clothing that are obsessed over by many men who are fans of Duluth Trading is the Buck Naked Performance underwear. If you are planning to go for one of their four iterations of the underwear – boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, and long boxer briefs, then you can go through online reviews of the same.

People who diligently buy the Duluth Trading Brand testify that this is indeed an underwear that is true to its name. This Duluth Trading underwear series ensures comfort and does not make it uncomfortable for the wearer in any disturbing way. People have even reviewed that this underwear is so comfortable that they often cannot even remember that they are wearing one due to its light textured fabric. These reviews from customers have been valuable to Duluth Trading, that the branding team has also used the reviews as part of their marketing ideas with funny videos.

While the Twitter account may have only a little over 6500 followers, the Duluth Trading brand has a much greater number of patrons. The very reason why this brand is a hit and has many ardent followers is due to the very simple fact that the clothing provided by Duluth Trading is very very comfortable. Another reason that Duluth Trading has been able to be in business for time immemorial is that they have an incredibly passionate customer base which is the center of focus for Duluth Trading’s further development strategies in clothing. The brand Dutch has a lot of loyal customers as their products are good.