Our body is no stranger to different ailments and disorders that render us incapacitated for some time. These ailments are usually taken care of by the medicines or by age-old home remedies. But, one cannot deny the fact that though the misery stretches only for a day or two, it feels like an eternity. Similar feelings are evoked when one suffers from canker sores.
Canker sores, commonly known as mouth ulcers, causes immense pain and unease to an individual suffering from it. Canker sores appear on the tongue or inside the cheek or the lip. The rim of the sore is red in color and the middle portion is white or yellow.

Canker sores occur because of a variety of reasons, the most common being food allergies or if you consume food that is acidic in nature. Mostly, it occurs when you bite your lip or the inside of your cheek. No matter what causes canker sores, the bottom line is, it is immensely painful. But, here’s a ray of hope for us, it is easily treated. You don’t need to the physician to find a cure; the cure resides in your kitchen. Here’s a list of canker sore remedies that are purely natural and home-based.

Aloe Vera- The favorite of the earlier apothecaries, the aloe vera plant is hailed for its medicinal properties. The aloe vera gel can soothe the burning sensation caused by the canker sores and speeds up the healing process. Clean the canker sore with cotton and apply the gel on the affected area. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Chamomile tea bag- The presence of the chemical compound, bisabolol, which reduces inflammation and induces relaxation, in the chamomile tea, makes it the perfect canker sore remedy.

Sage- Sage is known to kill bacteria and viruses that wreak havoc in our system. So, steep two teaspoons of dried sage in boiling water and let it cool off for some time. Use the concoction to rinse your mouth at least twice or thrice a day.

Coconut oil- Coconut oil is the safest and simplest canker sore remedy ever! You just need to dab a liberal amount of coconut oil on the sore and you would experience reduction in the burning sensations that you’ve been experiencing lately.

Yogurt- Yogurt, made by bacterial fermentation, is one of the most-opted for canker sore remedies. The bacteria in the yogurt helps in balancing the bacteria in your mouth that might be one of the probable causes of canker sores.

Canker sores gives rise to unpleasant experiences. Imagine not being able to talk or eat properly for a while! However, the above-mentioned canker sore remedies can help you combat the ailment easily.