In order to treat any health issue, one will first need to identify the symptoms and report the same to the doctor so that proper diagnosis can take place. A bulging disc treatment also depends greatly on the recognition of certain symptoms. Here are some of them.

Find out the cause
To begin with, let us understand the causes before we talk about the symptoms and bulging disc treatment. When the tissue or muscle in the lumbar and back region give way for an organ to push through the same, it is known as the herniation. This occurs due to an injury or a degenerative disease.

When you feel a lump
One of the most common and early signs of a disc herniation includes a lump like feeling in the area. The patient will often complain of a lump-like growth in the region. This usually occurs in the lumbar region and may be found on either side of the spinal cord.

Numbness and discomfort
When the lump first beings to become apparent, there will usually be a feeling of numbness and discomfort, and this might call for a bulging disc treatment. The patient will usually feel as though something has lodged itself in the region.

When it transforms into a pain
The numbness will slowly give way to pain. This pain will usually begin to surface when the patient stands up. When you change your position from sitting to standing, the bulging disc will usually cause a sharp tug and pull. Also, there will be a pain that spreads towards the hips, the lower abdomen, the sides of the thighs and the leg in general.

Further discomfort
There will be general discomfort especially when the patient tries to lift something heavy, or even while coughing and sneezing. This usually happens because in many cases, the bulging disc comes to rest on the surrounding nerves and tissue, which in turn get pinched when there is even a little strain.

Other symptoms of a bulging disc include a burning pain in the area, which becomes a constant problem in no time. One should visit a doctor for a bulging disc treatment as soon as the initial symptoms begin to surface.