3 Chef’s Choice appliances that enhance your cooking experience

Chef’s Choice appliances, like other market leaders, have created a name for itself in the appliances segment and have come up with many new innovative appliances which help you enhance the look of your kitchen. Below are listed some of Chef’s Choice appliances that would help enhance your cooking experience.

Manual knife sharpener
The manual 2-stage knife sharpener from Chef’s Choice appliances comes with a double bevel cutting edges which help you keep all the knives sharpened in your kitchen. Whenever you decide to sharpen any knives by yourself, the precision roller guides the angle of razor-sharp edges so that the knives are sharpened at the correct angle. It comes in a precision angle and has 2 different sharpening stages which have a 20-degree edge angle. The product comes with a one-year limited warranty and when you decide to use this on a regular basis, the knives in your kitchen will always end up being sharpened in a correct manner.

Waffle maker
Preparing pizzelles, petite pies, and waffle cones can be an easy task once the waffle maker from Chef’s Choice appliances is at work. Preparing sugar cones made at home is an extremely easy task with Waffle Cone Express. It gets prepared only in two minutes and is ready to serve. The professional baking system from Chef’s Choice comprises a waffle maker and cone rolling foam. The temperature measurement system ensures that the waffle maker is ready to complete the task in minimal time. The color can also be customized and you can choose from among golden to brown so as to come up with a personalized waffle of your choice. The baking surface which is non-stick has an additional easy cleaning overflow channel. The waffle maker is also space conscious appliance from Chef’s Choice as its upright storage ensures that it takes only minimal space.

Hot beverage appliances
Quality electric kettles are another innovative product from Chef’s Choice and the range varies from temperature kettle to double wall vacuum kettle. The cordless electric glass kettle model is designed on a modern concept where the heating element is concealed and it never comes in contact with water. The construction has been done in such a manner that steel and glass intermingle into each other effortlessly. Its 1500 watts of power ensures that it boils water at a faster pace than microwave oven or stove. Moreover, to ensure complete safety of the user, the hot beverage appliance has been designed in such a manner that it shuts off automatically when the water boils. The cord is also stored neatly in the base of the kettle and can be adjusted to any desired length, as and when needed.