Bathrooms are a sacred space in the entire household; however, a majority of homeowners undermine the small yet pivotal role a bathroom plays in the entire household. Hence, it is essential that proper care is taken to ensure that your bathroom space also looks the same as your house, .i.e. clean and classy. There has been an increase in trend of getting the bathroom area of the house painted to announce your style.

There are a few easy-to-follow guidelines on how the task of bathroom painting can be accomplished without much hassle. To ensure that you do the best bathroom painting job, refer to the steps mentioned in the manual below;

Guide to choosing the best bathroom paint

This is an easy-to-follow guide on how to give the bathroom space a more massive appearance and stylish look. Kindly follow the guidelines mentioned below;

Prefer Light Colors

One of the best ways to paint your bathroom and make it appear larger is to avoid too bright colors. Light colors make the space seem open and airy and also helps increase the effect of natural light. Hence, always opt for light colors that include graceful variations of green, blue, and pink and yellow.

Keep an even tone

The entire bathroom need not be painted with a single color layer. If you are looking to get a small sized bathroom look like a larger room, keep all colors of the same tone. The reason is that light colors on walls look great and in case a bathroom has dark tiles then the colors will not stand out, which is not what anyone wants.

Mix both tile and wall color

When looking to get the bathroom painted, it is advisable to blend both the tile and wall color. This will make the entire bathroom appear to be one big continuous space.

Paint parallel stripes to make it wider

Some bathrooms have tall ceilings with little to no space around them; this is where the same eye principle will apply. Hence, painting horizontal stripes will provide the bathroom space a more substantial appearance.

Use the same color for the ceiling and wall

There has been an increase in trend of using bright colors for painting ceiling and walls of the bathroom. However, there is an issue with small bathrooms having low ceilings. Dark colors for the ceiling will make it appear low. At all costs, avoid using white color and make sure to choose the same color for both the ceiling and wall.

Create a statement or style wall

Always make sure to choose a color that goes perfectly with the rest of the bathroom. Do not go ahead and pick black color, this might be a style wall but still has to blend in with the rest of the bathroom.