If you are tired of hopping from one online store to another for your monthly shopping, then the relentless search has been put to an end. From a wide range of accessories of auto, appliance, mattresses, fitness, electronics and pets & service, Sears offers everything on one official webpage. The chain has already been established in our country’s market over the years, now the departmental store has taken the Internet by a storm.

Development of the store
Started in Indiana, Sears later established its headquarters in Illinois. As per the data of 1989, Sears has been the largest retailer in the country. However, the emergence of other departmental stores surpassed the record of this one. Expanding all over the global market, the chain has managed to open stores in Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

  • Facing the decline of mail order market in the rural areas of America, the brand took the decision of opening its retail.
  • It is considered that the Sears is the pioneer of the concept of departmental stores.
  • Sears is now holding 18 individual Sears stores and 45 stores in collaboration with Kmart.

Benefits of shopping at Sears
In order to keep up with the rapid pace of life, people barely have time to visit the store and purchase their basic necessities. This is why online departmental stores have become so popular. Just by making an online payment, you can get all your orders delivered to your doorstep. Apart from the facility regarding easy and home delivery, there are other advantages of shopping at the Sears store such as discount coupons.

  • Convenience is what has made this kind of stores so popular. Buyers have been given the option to purchase all goods under one roof, saving their valuable money, time, and labor. They can save some more money using Sears coupons.
  • No physical store can beat the wide range of collection. Users can browse through the online catalog and decide from a variety of choices. The variety and diversity in stock are barely available in physical stores because they fail to keep all the essentials due to a lack of space. From various brands, colors, styles, and qualities, everything is available at the online store of Sears.
  • You can get the help of experts who can assist you with your shopping and payment options. Even after shopping, if you want to exchange or return the product, it can be done easily. If you have any problem regarding the shipping charges or delivery option or the quality of the product, you can contact the customer service that is available any time of the day or night for you.
  • By using Sears coupon while purchasing goods, you can even get free delivery anywhere in the world.
  • In order to maintain a sustainable position in the highly competitive market dominated by the services of Amazon or eBay, Sears gives out online coupons for amazing deals and offers.

Cons of the departmental store
One of the prime disadvantages of the online departmental store is that a return or exchange policy is not available for every product. You get to exchange the product on certain terms, and on failing to meet the terms, you can be stuck with the product for your rest of the life.

  • If you go to the departmental store and search for something from your shopping list and do not find it, you can ask the shopping assistant to find it out for you. However, after hours and hours of relentless search, you may not find the product at the online store. At the physical store, you can let the shopper know that you earnestly require the thing but at the online store, you are deprived of that option.
  • You cannot touch or feel the item while buying. In this way, you are unaware of its exact quality.
  • Delivery and shipping charges can be a huge issue as it is often seen that the delivery charge and shipping fees often surpass the actual cost of the product. However, some coupons from Sears offers free delivery.