Patients in bed rest need all the love and care for a fast recovery but along with that, they also need efficient medical products to help them feel comfortable and heal faster. Be it the type of bed they are sleeping on in bed rest or even the toilet support when they need to use the bathroom, every little thing matters when looking for ‘comfort’. This is one of the main reasons why you need to buy the best quality equipment for your bed, bathroom, and mobility while you are recovering. There are tons of brands out there so to select the best one and the affordable one can be quite a task. Here are the top 4 brands that you can shop from for the best medical equipment and non-acute medical supplies for your bed rest –

Performance Health
Performance Health is a website that not only manufactures its own medical equipment but also sells a variety of medical supplies equipment from other brands on its website. Everything you need from hospital beds for a home to portable commodes and support, you can find it here. Not only are the prices competitive here, but you also find top quality items on sale on the Performance Health website. The brand deals with exports and imports of the best performance and quality products for hospitals as well as for in-house patients who are on bedrest. The products sold here are of superior quality, durable and highly efficient.

Medacure is one of the top most companies in the medical utilities and equipment industry. Not only does the brand manufacture and sell some of the best equipment, but it also has a huge variety to choose from. You can find the best quality electric hospital beds for a home here which are fully automatic as well as semi-automatic. With the best customer care team to help you with all your queries and excellent warranty packages, Medacure is one of the best brands to shop from for all your medical and bedrest requirements. You can also buy high-quality mattresses from Medacure and choose from a wide variety of types, sizes, and benefits based on your medical needs. The prices are very competitive which makes this brand one of the best options for normal consumers who are advised in-house bed rest and treatments. Medacure also boasts a long list of suppliers and imports whose products they further sell to hospitals across the country.

MTS Medical Supply
MTS Medical Supply is an online store that is basically an umbrella store for different brands and products in the medical non-acute equipment industry. It has everything you need from walking cane and crutches to hospitals beds for home and bathroom support handles. From the tiniest to the biggest item required by a patient in bedrest, you name it and MTS Medical Supply has it! Because they deal with bulk imports and orders, their prices are very competitive which means you can get a great deal on your supplies! The brand guarantees to sell the consumers the best of the best products so you need not be worried about!

The list of the top 4 medical supply brands would be incomplete without mentioning Invacare. Invacare is the leading manufacturer of non-acute medical equipment in the market and is the biggest seller of these products. Not only does Invacare directly sell from their own website, but they also sell via other medical websites and stores. Almost every hospital and clinic is familiar with this brand and its safe to say, Invacare is the most trusted brand in the industry! It is slightly more expensive compared to other brands but it is extremely worth every penny. The durability and efficiency of Invacare products cannot be matched with any substitutes in the industry and is definitely a brand of its own name! Everything you need from hospital beds for a home to commode supports and walking canes, Invacare manufactures it all!