Mannequins are artificial life-sized dolls often used to display clothing and accessories in stores. They help customers know how exactly an attire will look. While this is the traditional use, there are so many other ways you can use cheap mannequin displays to add some zing to your store or home. Here are some options to consider.

As a serving platter
Want to serve beverages, candies, or other snacks to your customers or guests at a house party? Here’s what you can do. Find a cheap mannequin with hands bent and facing forward. Then place a nice tray on the hands to serve food and drinks. Your customers will love this experience. You can also disassemble the doll and use only the lower half for this purpose by balancing the tray on the waist. But always ensure your mannequin is secured to the ground to prevent it from toppling and falling.

As planters and garden accessories
This is one of the most popular uses of cheap mannequin displays. Find the head of a mannequin and cut it open at the top. Then add some potting mix and an indoor plant into it. Plants that grow like shrubs look beautiful this way. You can also use the legs of a cheap mannequin as climbers to let vines grow all over them. Or, you can keep a sitting mannequin in your garden area and let climbers, shrubs, bushes, and vines grow around and over it. With time, your mannequin will turn into a part of nature and be an absolute fun addition to your garden space.

As Halloween decorations
If you tend to run out of ideas at Halloween, this one’s for you! Find a couple of cheap mannequin displays and convert them into scary Halloween decorations using some cool accessories and makeup tricks. These can be used at home or in your store during the festival season. Give this a try to make your next Halloween party a hit.

To display photographs
This is an exciting display option that you can try at your store. For this, you need to use only the bottom half of the mannequin as a display. For the top half, use life-sized photographs of models. The end effect should look like a photograph that has grown legs. Your cheap mannequin displays will look incredibly professional and expensive this way.

Give all your displays a new life by trying these tricks. Your customers and friends will love and praise your creativity.