If you support adoption of pets and are looking to adopt puppies or any other pet, you can count on the rescue groups and animal shelters. Following are some of the trusted online and in-person sources you can rely on to adopt a pet in the country.

This is a great online resource for those looking to adopt puppies or other animals. It was conceptualized with the aim to enable potential adopters to access a list of animals up for adoption across thousands of shelters and adoption groups around North America. With the website having over 350,000 pets at any given time, you are likely to find a puppy that is right for you.

Best Friends Animal Society
Headquartered in Kanab, Utah and having a branch in Los Angeles, Best Friends Animal Society is an animal welfare organization. You can find animals ranging from dogs and cats to horses, ferrets, parakeets, pigs, and beyond at its no-kill Kanab Sanctuary. You can visit the sanctuary in person or can go to bestfriends.org to browse through the animals available. The best part is that the organization transports animals to adopters across the country.

Hearts United for Animals
Situated on a 65-acre farm in Auburn, Nebraska, Hearts United for Animals is a sanctuary, animal welfare organization, and a national no-kill animal shelter. It can be an ideal resource for those looking to adopt puppies, as the organization focuses primarily on adoption of dogs, especially of those rescued from puppy mills and natural disasters.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), as the name suggests, is a society formed to protect animals in North America. You can browse through the available animal list on their website or can visit its NYC adoption center. To create a lasting relationship, ASPCA focuses on compatibility between the pet and the pet owner.

This is another great source for those looking to adopt puppies and other animals. Being North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, it gives opportunities to approximately 17, 000 animal shelters, pet rescue groups, pet adoption agencies, and humane societies to advertise homeless and needy pets free for a month. Therefore, you can count on it for finding a pet you like.

Run by local governments or volunteers, these facilities house homeless dogs, cats, and other animals until they get their new owners and homes. So, it’s time to get your new friend home soon.