Many people prefer to buy their contacts online instead of going to a store and buying them. Other than saving your time, you also get a better variety and cheaper deals if you buy your contacts online.
Buying contacts online might seem tricky for few people, especially for those who are doing it for the first time.
Read further to know more before you shop for contacts online.

Contacts prescription
According to the law, all the online websites which sell contacts are required to ask for a doctor’s prescription when people buy contacts from their site. So, if you are planning to buy one, ensure that you have the prescription ready. Typically, a doctor’s prescription will include basic details like the type of lenses that you need, measurements of the contacts, preferred brand, and the material of the lenses. The prescription comes with the number of refills that you are allowed and the expiration date of your prescription. It also includes your eye doctor’s details and phone number so that they can be reached if something goes wrong.

Usage of contacts
There are two common types of lenses that you can buy – daily disposable one or weekly or monthly ones. If you are someone who finds its unhygienic to squeeze the contact solution, clean the lenses and use the same ones every day, then the daily disposable lenses are your best option. With these contacts, you wear a new one daily and throw the used ones by the end of the day. Weekly or monthly lenses are great for those who want to wear their lenses in the night and do not believe in wasting lenses by using the disposable ones.

Selecting the brand
Once you have decided to purchase your contacts online, you must then decide which brand and seller you want to buy it from. If you buy the contacts from a small seller then you might have to pay a fortune as shipping charges but there is no guarantee about the durability of the product. On the other hand, if you buy it from a reputed seller, then you will get a wider range of collection to choose from. Since the large sellers have much more lenses stocked up, they will ship your order quicker compared to the small sellers.

Do a thorough research and choose contacts that fit your requirements and budget.