Michael Kors is an American Luxury fashion company that was established in the year 1981 by the designer Michael Kors. The company is known for watches, handbags, and other accessories. It has its stores all across United States and other countries. Michael Kors sells variety of bags. Different varieties of Michael Kors bags are sold based on styles and differences.
Let us have a look at different types Michael Kors bags
Michael Kors Sold solely by the designer’s name, Michael Kors bag group is one of the most fashionable runaways. These bags are considered as one of the expensive bags.

MICHAEL by Michael Kors MICHAEL by Michael Kors group of bags are the ones that are more affordable than its above mentioned counterparts. These handbags are designed targeting the younger group of generation. They have a typical style of a handbag, with just tad bit if Michael Kors style finishing.

Michael Kors ASHBURY The most characteristic feature of ASHBURY bags by Michael Kors is free cut and variability. These bags belong to the bigger handbag types. They have snappers on both the sides. The bags are available in brown, navy, and black color. The leather type used here is pearl grey and violet. ASHBURY bags by Michael Kors are made of full grain soft leather and have a charming tassel detail. They have a lot of room to accommodate all things feminine. Their price is ranged anywhere from $115 to $150.

Michael Kors AUBREY The distinctive feature about the Michael Kors AUBREY bag is its suitcase-like shape. Being an all-season hand bag, they have a blended smooth leather finish with its logo print. It is a roomy bag with top handles. They also have a sling, so that you can wear them across the chest. They have two outer pocket slits. It’s logo is crafted from PVC of two colors vanilla and brown. They come in 2 sizes, small and large. They are priced anywhere between $100 to $150.

Michael Kors BEDFORD The Michael Kors BEDFORD has the largest variety of bags that range from classic to stylish. The designers have provided with chain-like handles. These bags also have a sling, enabling you to wear across the chest. Some of the models have card holders inside. They are available in may colors and also have a metallic variant. The BEDFORD bags by Michael Kors has 3 styles crossbody, totes, or shoulder bag. BEDFORD bags are priced between $100 and $200.