A positive fact about Acer predator is that it is much similar to its desktop variant when it comes to speed and performance. It will not be a wise decision to invest in the desktop when the same features, hardware, and benefits can be availed in Acer laptops. Acer Predator is a great example of what a typical gaming laptop should be like.

Acer predator is unique in the sense that it has NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics and is powered by 6th Generation Intel Core Processor. It also has a standard memory of 16 GB. The HD display and attractive design is another additive of Acer laptops which make them unique in the real sense.

Much attention has been paid to the design of Acer predator and it comes with black chassis with geometric lines and red accents. The backlight in Acer laptops can be customized on the ProZone keyboard which is another unique innovation.

Hardware in Acer predator also meets the VR requirements and music lovers only need to plug in the headset for playing music. You should not worry about the performance of Acer predator since it comes equipped with cooler master technology which keeps the heat in check.

Acer predator can be considered as a solid product for the reason that its lid comprises of 40% fiberglass which makes it more durable than aluminum or any other plastic laptop. It also has a full HD display (1920x 1080) and has G-sync support. It also comes with matte touch technology and offers a brightness of 343 cd/m with the deviation of only 12%.

Acer laptops generally come with NVIDIA GeForce GTX dedicated memory cards which are based on Pascal architecture. Therefore, these are suited perfectly for full HD gaming experience which can always be viewed in high density.

Expect the best multimedia power at hand since it comes equipped with Intel Core i7 (6700 HQ) processor.

If you look at the keyboard in Acer predator, its WASD and other directional keys have been highlighted in red. Additionally, its touchpad, macro buttons, and power buttons are all illuminated which add a distinct touch to the laptop.

Acer laptops can be expected to offer maximum support to the users as their AeroBlade which is a thin 1-mm metal fan has been designed through advanced aerodynamics which keeps the dust away from the laptop.

Additionally, its boot up timing is less than ten seconds and it comes with keyboard customization which is a big additive of Acer predator. Bright display and good viewing angles also make Acer laptops a choice of an avid customer who might be looking for a suitable laptop for their personal or professional tasks.

Acer predator is your gateway to a better future, get one today and experience the magic