While shopping for a TV, the essential number is the resolution of the television. This assumes significance when you are searching for the best TV resolution. The resolution, in general, refers to the number of pixels through which a picture is composed on any television. A single pixel usually means that it is composed of a single dot on the screen. The TVs today have one million to eight million such dots, and therefore the search for the best TV resolution is relatively easy for any user.

However, it is also not important always that a 4K Ultra HD TV will be better than 1080p TV.

  • 4k or Ultra HD
    4k and Ultra HD are the same, and when you are looking for best TV resolution, you should be clear on these terms. However, 4K is different when the term is considered in for television playing in any home. 4K usually means a screen resolution of 4,096 pixels. Ultra HD is slightly different when it comes to watching television at home since the resolution falls to 3,840x 2160. In the same way, best TV resolution in case of 8K is different because it is twice that of the 4K televisions.
  • 2K
    Before 4K became the norm, most people had not even heard of 2K. It is a common fact that digital cinema projectors are of 2K resolution compatible and are 2,048 pixels wide. However, since 4K has become popular now and has been used increasingly in television, 2K is also becoming popular and is used in the context of 1080p resolution which is a norm in HDTVs. However, 4K has become more popular than UHD when it comes to personal use at home.
  • 1080 p or Full HD
    When someone mentions the best TV resolution, mentioning 1080p is important. Televisions historically used 1080p to describe the vertical resolution. All HDTVs these days come with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 which essentially means that they have a horizontal resolution of 1,920 pixels. This also creates confusion since when it comes to television discussion, vertical resolutions are a norm. The horizontal resolution has suddenly become a bandwagon too. It should be understood that 1080i is similar to 1080p, but this is only a source resolution and cannot be considered as TV resolution. 1080i televisions do not exist now, but many of the HDTV broadcasters are still in 1080i mode.

To sum it up, when a mention of the best TV resolution is made, you must know that the televisions in existence today are mostly HD and these can be either 720p or 1080p. TV resolutions should be considered when purchasing a high-end television since it is a long-term investment for entertainment in your home.